Contact Details

Administrative Contact Details:

Please use our general enquiries email, for any domain name related queries you may have, including complaints and instances of domain name abuse. Expect to receive a response within 24 hours and no more than five days.

Management Team

Macsen Galvin

Macsen Galvin

Group COO

Luc Seufer

Luc Seufer

Group CLO

Tanith Gregory

Tanith Gregory

General Manager


Third parties

Pursuant to applicable laws, Domain Central ANZ allows any interested party to report any illicit use of its services. However, it shall be noted that Domain Central ANZ is solely entitled to suspend its services on its own initiative in cases where a blatantly illicit use of those is made, such as in cases of fraud, child pornography, incitement to racial hatred…

Any other type of dispute must be settled directly between the reporter and the applicable Domain Central ANZ customer.

Our legal department is reachable at:

tel: +61 7 3018 7566
fax: +352 20 300 150

Upon receipt of your complaint, our legal department will review it within a timely fashion and the appropriate action will be taken. You will always be kept fully informed by email of Domain Central ANZ’s actions, if any.

Customer claims

Customers’ claims should be sent to our legal department and will be reviewed and investigated within 10 working days of their receipt. The original communication will be acknowledged within 3 working days and its sender will always be kept fully informed by email of our actions, and the results of the investigation within this timeframe.

Company Information

Company Name:Fluccs – The Australian Cloud Pty Ltd
Businesss Name:Domain Central ANZ
ACN:623 955 395
ABN:90 623 955 395
Contact Number:+61 1300 093 786